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PSD desuperheater has a piston design. It is suitable for the installations with very high load changes. Especially, if there is high rangeability of: temperature of the medium to be chilled or pressure of the cooling medium.

PSD desuperheater consists of: sets of highly efficient nozzles, piston, and tight system of water cutoff. Thecooling water is injected straight into the steam pipeline. Traveling stem-controlled piston opens nozzles one after another, thus regulate the volume of the cooling water. The upper part of cooler’s body has attached the system of water cutoff. It is to protect the nozzles against noncontrolled increase of the pressure and appearance of a „bubble” after the flow’s shut-down through hot pipeline. PSD steam cooler is reverse-acting appliance (push-down-to-open action) and does not need any injection valves. It is assembled to the flanged connection pipe of the steam pipeline, and handles applications requiring load changes (rangeability) up to 40:1.

INTEC - WAKMET consortium

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Information is available upon request.