Catalog numbers: ZS25, ZK25, ZS40, ZK40, ZS63, ZK63, ZS100, ZK100, GKA25, GKA40, GKA63, GSA100, GKA100, ZST25, ZKT25, ZST40, ZKT40, ZST63, ZKT63, ZST100, ZKT100
PN range: 25, 40, 63, 100 bar

Catalog nr: 
ZS25, ZK25

50 - 500

up to 600°C;
water, steam and other non-toxic, non-aggressive media

Gate valve is designed to open and stop the flow. The gate valve can be mounted to a pipeline in any position. It should operate in a close or open position. The gate valve should not be used as a flow regulating device.

PN Catalog no Catalog card Type Version Addtional information
25 GKA25 07710_GKA25 ANG.pdf Standard Kwasoodporny -
40 ZS40, ZK40 06500_ZS40_ZK40 ANG.pdf Standard Standard -
63 ZS63, ZK63 06600_ZS63_ZK63 ANG.pdf Standard Kwasoodporny -
63 ZST63, ZKT63 06700_ZST63_ZKT63 ANG.pdf Standard Z trzpieniem tytanowym -
63 GKA63 07800_GKA63 ANG.pdf Standard Kwasoodporny -
100 ZS100, ZK100 06800_ZS100_ZK100 ANG.pdf Standard Standard -
100 ZST100, ZKT100 06900_ZST100_ZKT100 ANG.pdf Standard Z trzpieniem tytanowym -
100 GKA100 07900_GKA100 ANG.pdf Standard Kwasoodporny -

Information is available upon request.

Information is available upon request.