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50 - 200

MCVQ1 represents a special purpose valves. It supports quick inflow of condensate to condenser’s dump tubes.

MCVQ1 is straightway valve. Its seat is of screw-in type, guide bushing drives the plug coupled with control piston. The steering solenoid valve receives direct hydraulic support from the medium. Thanks to self-flushing ability, the whole set avoids contaminants’ sedimentation. The MCVQ1 has a manual drive, which allows blocking in shut-down position. The valve works with media flow directed over the plug and is proofed against hydraulic stroke in the condensate pipeline.

INTEC - WAKMET consortium

Zakład Automatyki Przemysłowej INTEC

WAKMET Industrial Valves
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40 MCVQ1 MCVQ1_en.pdf Standard Standard -

Information is available upon request.

Information is available upon request.