HSTV Bypass System

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80 - 500

up to 560°C (with PTFE sealing up to ≤ 200°C)
water, steam and other non-toxic, non-aggressive media

HSTV Bypass System of High Pressure Feed-Water Exchangers

It is design to protect high pressure feed-water exchangers in case of tube system failure or sudden cutoff of condensate from the heater (if condensate level in any heater exceeds given maximum, the protection system will shut off the feed-water supply).

WP security system of high pressure feed-water exchangers consists of: SAR (bypass system of high pressure feed-water exchangers), HSVT1 three-way quick closing valve, and three-way quick closing check valve. The latter can be SAR controlled (HSVT2 type) or work as typical check valve controlled by pressure differences which affect the main plug (T482 model).

INTEC - WAKMET consortium

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Information is available upon request.

Information is available upon request.