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Regulatory valve of HCVK4 type is ready to perform with heavy erosive media. It is suitable to control the highly demanding parameters, also during infinite critical conditions. HCVK4 valves are used in any process of continuous desalination of the boiler. Their performance suits flashing environs and high pressure drops.

HCVK4 is an angle valve with forged body. It consists of: self-sealing inner bonnet, plug with bushing, and seat with anti-flashing bushing. Two types of seat are available: screw-in or slip-in (the latter is pressed by screw plug). A liquid medium flows over the plug, then evaporates in anti-flashing bushing vents. Thanks to dispersion of kinetic energy of the water-steam mixture the valve’s body does not undergo the substantial erosion. The bushing’s lenticular outlet helps to combat the pipe-line’s erosion behind the valve. There are two types of plug available: profiled or perforated. HCVK4 valve works with media flow directed over the plug.

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Information is available upon request.