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50 - 300

Regulatory valve of HCVD1 type is ready to perform with heavy erosive media. It is suitable to control the highly demanding parameters, also during infinite critical conditions. The valve permits direct assembly in input connection pipe of a tank. Might work as control valve appropriate for condensate or any near saturated liquid (environs with flashing or heavy cavitation).

HCVD1 valve has forged-welded body with a flange allowing for direct assembly in inlet connection pipe. Piston-type plug works in the cage attached to the body. An expansion of the medium undergoes within a tank. Thus, the media flow goes under or above its surface. Thanks to that the valve is free of damages caused by cavitation and flashing. It also combats pipe-line’s erosion behind the valve. HCVD1 is reverse-acting valve (push-down-to-open action). The media flow goes under the plug (towards opening).

INTEC - WAKMET consortium

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Information is available upon request.

Information is available upon request.