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50 - 300

Regulatory valve of HCVC1 type has to work with low and medium erosive media only. It is suitable to control any liquid, as well as steam if rather small and/or moderate pressure drops appear. It is also appropriate when reduction of actuator’s power is of importance. Continuous heavy cavitation, flashing, or throttled flow call for external protection, such as an orifice or diffusor.

HCVC1 is double seat valve. Basically, it consists of body topped from both sides by the bonnets and sealed with graphite spiral wound gaskets (placed in channels). Inside there are two screwed in seats and a tandem plug. The input medium is divided into two streams. Each one undergoes single-stage expansion. Next, before the valve’s outlet, both streams join together. Thus, thanks to reduced dynamic forces acting on plug HCVC1 might permit choosing a smaller actuator.

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Information is available upon request.