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25 - 300

Regulatory valve of HCVB1 type is ready to perform with heavy erosive media. It is suitable to control the highly demanding parameters, also during infinite critical conditions. Advantage of this valve is high coefficient of the pressure recycling. It perfectly fits if the reduction of noise and/or cavitation are of extreme importance.

HCVB1 is straightway valve. Basically, it consists of body topped by the bonnet and the seat fixed by cage, which drives a plug. Both the bonnet and the seat, as well as cage, are sealed with graphite spiral wound gaskets (placed in channels). Thus, disassembly and assembly of the valve are easy and do not require any special tools. A medium undergoes single-stage expansion (when the plug is of piston-type or perforated) or two-step expansion (when perforated plug is applied). Piston-type plug exposes vents of the cage and gives the way to expansion. The valve with perforated plug allows for reduction of the pressure on perforated surface only (single-stage expansion model) or both on perforated surface and in passive cage (two-step expansion model). Plug of HCVB1 valve can be balanced by means of seal. Thanks to that, the lower power of the actuator is needed. The valve with seal balanced plug resides in class IV leakage allowable. HCVB1 valve works with media flow directed over or under the plug.

INTEC - WAKMET consortium

Zakład Automatyki Przemysłowej INTEC

WAKMET Industrial Valves
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160 HCVB1 HCVB1(40-160).pdf Standard Standard -
400 HCVB1 HCVB1_en.pdf Standard Standard -
600 HCVB1 HCVB1(250-600).pdf Standard Standard -

Information is available upon request.

Information is available upon request.